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HEAL is Queensland’s award-winning expressive therapies program for people from refugee backgrounds

HEAL in Schools

HEAL is a targeted, early intervention response for students from refugee backgrounds, supporting them to navigate their trauma recovery, improve emotional wellbeing, and bridge the gap of their disrupted schooling.

HEAL for Communities

HEAL works with Queensland’s refugee and diverse cultural communities to deliver expressive and somatic therapies to community members in response to their identified trauma-recovery needs.

Donate to HEAL

HEAL is 100% reliant on donations from the public to deliver our services. We have a community of generous supporters passionate about supporting young people from refugee backgrounds to heal and thrive.

HEAL was established in 2004 as a school-based, specialty mental health program supporting the wellbeing and trauma recovery of young people from refugee backgrounds at Milpera State High School in Brisbane.

Today, HEAL provides expressive therapies to students across four Brisbane secondary schools and to Queensland’s diverse cultural communities.

Our programs are funded by community donations and philanthropy.  HEAL is a registered charity.

HEAL is part of QPASTT, Queensland’s specialist torture and trauma recovery service.

The Impact of Refugee Trauma on Learning and Wellbeing

Many children from refugee backgrounds have experienced severely disrupted schooling or no schooling at all.  Their support needs go well beyond English language acquisition.

Expressive Therapies for Trauma-Recovery

Expressive therapies can help trauma survivors, particularly people from diverse language and cultural backgrounds, to process and articulate their experiences through meaning and concepts that is not possible through traditional ‘talk therapy.’

About HEAL

HEAL is an award-winning mental health service, using expressive therapies to support the wellbeing and trauma recovery of young people and communities from refugee backgrounds.


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