Student A. (16 yo Burundian boy)

I came to HEAL once a week, sometimes more, when I had trouble , or I had bad things in school, sometimes I had some bad feelings at home, that’s when I come back to HEAL so I can talk about it, and I can feel better.

In HEAL I talked about my feelings, draw, or I write about my feelings. I was talking about back home in my country when everything changed, and the problems, and how the trouble with the adult were talking about the children.

Coming to HEAL helps me a lot because when I first came to Australia I didn’t know what to do. They were teaching me what I could do, how you can behave in Australia, some kind of that sort of stuff, because I didn’t know the rule in Australia, how to behave in Australia, and they helped me to talk about my feelings, and now I feel better.

In HEAL they would come and take me, out of class, and they made me want to talk about it in HEAL, write about it, sometime they gave me drawing to do about it. HEAL was good for my life because I was going to kill myself and HEAL they said talk and they say come to hospital. I was in hospital one week and after that I didn’t want to kill myself. So HEAL helped me a lot with that. HEAL is too good for the students and if you have no-one talking with, you must to HEAL, and talk and write and draw your stories. You will be better. School, every school must have HEAL.

Student B. (18 yo Congalese Girl)

I was coming to HEAL once a week

We had a good time, talking , drawing, teaching to each other.

The problem I had was about me and friends in my life. I was thinking I couldn’t found anyone who can help me in my future, but I get more information in HEAL.

Now I am different. For example: religion, culture.

I think HEAL it should happen to the different school in Australia because everyone came to different country. and I think HEAL is important to all the people because it is good.

Also it helps you in your future thanks.

Student C. (19yo Ethiopian Boy)

I came to HEAL once or twice a week.
In HEAL we did a lot of things. We talked, we drew, played with sand toys and told stories. My problems were about the family, and the break-up of the family I came to Australia with, and about my education, and what to do.

I needed to get help in HEAL. I didn’t know what to do. I needed to talk to someone.

If there wasn’t HEAL my life would be really bad. I don’t know what would happen to me. I needed a lot of help and I got it in HEAL.

I think every school and TAFE needs HEAL because it helps many students talk about problems and sort it out. We should keep the help for the students.

Student D. (19 yo Sudanese Boy)

I came to HEAL once and sometime twice a week if I was in trouble. Like at home or in school.
In HEAL I drew and I used those toys to express my feelings in the sand tray.

The issues were how to settle in Australia, how to solve my own problems. I had problems at home, someone causing me problems at home. Getting beaten up or getting locked out of the house, not treating nicely.

HEAL meant I could relax and draw. Even though I didn’t think I was doing anything, I’d leave feeling better. I drew and I’d express my feelings.

My life would be different without HEAL. When I came to Australia I needed a path to point me in a good direction. If there wasn’t a HEAL I wouldn’t have any idea where I would be.

We do need HEAL, because the students at Milpera are the ones who need help the most because they are coming into the new country, they have no idea what is going on.

When you go to HEAL you’re not only expressing it, you’re feeling free, and you can draw things that were in your country back home or whatever. Just relax and do whatever.

Student E. (19yo Sudanese Boy)

I came to HEAL four days a week , lunchtime and during the classes too.
I used to come and talk with Jane sometimes, tell her about my issues at home, and sometimes I came and lay down, and reading some books or something.
Just issues at home and at school, like get in trouble at school. Yeah , with other people. And the issues at home were obviously with people like my Mum and stuff.

It helped me a lot. Best of all in the school, because I used to get in fight a lot with the other kids and Jane helped me, you know, to calm down and control my anger, yeah.

Going to HEAL every day, like sometime I’d go there we go talk, expressing my feelings to Miss Jane, and she’d told me to, about how to control my anger and how to live life, you know, without no trouble or stuff.

Yeah, my life would have been different with no HEAL. I would have not been to, well, what happens now, like me to being in high school or through, without HEAL , no-one could have a really happy life, you know.

I think it should happen because it helps others, and other teachers as well. Like it helps kids expressing their feelings, you know, because they might not have anyone to express their feelings to, you know, yeah.

Student F. (18 yo Sudanese Boy)

I was in HEAL one days a week , some lunchtime and during the classes too, for three months.

We had a talk and then we used these toys, just moved them around the sand to talk about how things were.

I came to HEAL because I was not happy with home. I had arguments with my brothers and Mum sometime, because my younger brother wanted to be in charge.

Coming to HEAL helped me be happy because I felt more relaxed after I went there and nothing happened to me there,

If there wasn’t HEAL lots of problems for me: fighting, angry, not happy.

HEAL should happen in school to help students that have problems.